Power-Packer’s manual multi-cylinder (MMC) hydraulic systems are designed to operate multiple movements within a wide range of applications. Our smart, straightforward systems allow you to select which cylinder to operate at any given time. An intuitive selector is integrated directly into the pump for the most compact, lightweight design possible. Choose a Power-Packer MMC system and you can combine a wide variety of single- and double-acting cylinders to create the optimal configuration for your specific need. All Power-Packer MMCs are designed for maximum life.

  • 8,5 and 14 kN push forces
  • Operate up to 4 cylinders with one foot pump
  • Single and double acting cylinders
  • High load forces
  • Suitable for mobile applications


  • Operating Tables
  • Beds
  • Psychiatric Beds
  • Medical Chairs
  • Stretchers

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