Convertibles roof actuation

In the last decade, the demands for convertible tops have been constantly changing, some of the trends include:

  • the introduction of retractable hardtops
  • more comfort for the driver by introducing more silent actuation systems
  • tops which can be opened while driving
  • weight reduction by using alternative materials to contribute today's emission demands.

Power-Packer offers custom-made solutions which fulfill today's and tomorrow's customer demands and automotive standards.

An electro-hydraulic actuation system consists of an electro-hydraulic pump, a small motor, small (high pressure) cylinders, valves and electronics. Through modular design, assembly of hydraulic actuation systems in a vehicle can be very flexible. Our high pressure hydraulic systems operate under every condition. On the road, you will find Power-Packer's products in every class of convertible: soft tops and retractable hardtops.

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